Double Tank 2- Basket with Chipdum Station

Deep Fryer

Perfect For Fired chicken and fries etc...
Free standing gas fryer. Stainless steel body
Energy efficient tube high heat baffle system.
Two nickle chrome baskets with plastic coated handles.
Size 36x30x35 inches.
Efficient cast iron burner for each tube.

Our Clients

Custom Kitchen Design

Ambassador Commercial Kitchen Equipment standard procedure is as follows:


  • Definition of requirements
  • Determining the premises and parameters
  • Clarify production capacity & conditions
  • Determining the site conditions
  • Meeting & planning session at site


  • Basic and conceptual design including definition of building type, space necessaries, production unit type, food program, operation method, equipment quality & energy consumption.
  • General layout drawing comprising room classification, process flow, material flows, staff flow and equipment flow
  • Final layout drawing along with equipment proposal, equipment specification and budget forecast

Final Planning

  • Foundation room concept
  • Final positioning of the equipment and the work flow
  • Equipment list and specifications


  • Presentation of the final planning and quotation to the client

Proposal finalization

  • Cooperation with the client for approval of the procedure
  • Revision and finalization of the proposal namely drawings, layout, equipment specification and budget forecast


  • Evaluation and qualification of suppliers
  • Ordering and purchasing
  • Factory inspection


  • Installation drawing
  • Site control
  • Installation and erection
  • Commissioning


  • Training the plant operators


  • Spare parts organization
  • Periodical services during the warranty life
  • After-sale service
Ambassador Custom Design Commercial Kitchen.


IEP National Award of Excellence 2009

Brands of the Year Award 2010

Chef’s Association of Pakistan Award

Chef’s Association of Pakistan Corporate Member

Chef’s Association of Pakistan (2012)

Certificate of Participation in Building Materials Exhibition at the 14th Asian Congress of Architects

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